At Meraki all the traveling birds have already arrived :). Some of them took a sit on our scarves, others liked  the wrapping paper. We have no idea how long they are going to stay in here. So, if you want to surprise them, hurry up! We are still here at Bucuresti street 33 no. 2. We are also on facebook and Instagram #merakimd217. Thank you dear followers :).

My funny Valentine

“Stay little valentine, Stay, Everyday is Valentine’s Day.”
The words of the song, in Meraki217, every day of February is Valentine’s Day. Our team of designers baked a nice concept for holiday packages. Paper, bags, fabrics  and accessories are ready. And with our inspirational hand we were waiting for all the lovers who want to capture their loved one with something special or even personalized. Keep an eye on us on facebook and Instagram!