Autumn has always meant splendor of fruits and colors. More on the fields and orchards, of course. And less in the city, where the jungle of asphalt has other shades. This is why, at Meraki, we have tried to balance things a bit this season, and to increase the contrast of the autumnal palette with the tools we have. We started from the wrapping paper with red tomatoes, fruits, ripe chestnuts and pumpkins in yellow and orange. We continue with autumnal landscapes of Moldova on Art Puzzle and traditional card images. The variety of colors and prints chosen will surprise anyone looking for an original packaging for a wedding gift. If you somehow feel overwhelmed by the sadness and asthenia of autumn, join Meraki217! We have all the remedies to restore your wellbeing :).

Favourite season starts with “S”

No doubts, each of us has one or two favorite seasons. And one of these is certainly Summer 🙂 When we say summer, we think of flowers, fruits, holiday, ice cream, colored clothes, prosecco and you can continue the string. In our preparations for the three beautiful summer months, we thought of all of the above. In the shade of the palm leaves of Meraki you will be able to savor a slice of pineapple or watermelon on our eco bags, or a glass of prosecco – that’s the season of parties 🙂 And the Art Puzzle bags, along with the Meraki embroidery, will remind you of the taste of the raspberry stolen from grandmothers garden 🙂 Enjoy your summer!