Canvas bags and much more

Canvas bags are super comfortable, made of 100% cotton and we have even embroidered ones or just simple, or drawn. Well, maaaany types! And textile bags are very useful when traveling, especially when you have to separate your clothes or the lingerie of the rest of your luggage. Of course, we should not forget that all textile bags are reusable and can be washed at 30 C.


What would you like more, a gift wrapped in plastic or textile? Furoshiki – does it sound familiar to you? Find out that it is a millenary method of the Japanese to wrap and carry objects in colorful cloth. Currently, furoshiki has remained a smart way to pack bottles, food, gifts, etc. One of Meraki217 aims is to promote reusable packaging. That’s why we borrowed this beautiful Japanese method of packing gifts. At Meraki217 you can find furoshiki, which later, the recipient of the gift can use it as a kitchen napkin or even a scarf. In this regard, we offer you a wide range of textiles with various prints.


Meraki 217 embroideries are handmade and we believe it is the perfect gift for any occasion. Our embroideries are good as a set of textiles for the living room, kitchen or the ones specifically designed to decorate the children’s room or the living room. Note that some embroidery patterns can be customized. So do not hesitate to contact us!


Well, can we have no flowers? Flowers are present everywhere at Meraki 217 store. So you can actually come in to pack a gift and get your flowers – and  you’re ready for the celebration! And besides the fact that it is pretty conveninient, the flowers are present even in the gift wrapping! What beautiful are furoshiki decorated with real flowers! Who would resist to such a gift? Just come in, don`t hesitate.

Paper bags

In addition to standard paper bags, the Meraki 217 comes with a special series – bags – photos. Photo Bags it`s a puzzle of the universal culture history. This production line is dedicated to all notorious personalities in different fields of world art. These bags are something that you want to have and to use even for yourself or others. Coming soon with more photos…

Wrapping Paper

Perhaps the most commonly used gift wrapping is paper. At Meraki you will not find paper with sparkling roses print, we have chosen another style, we paint and print our own wrapping paper. Of course, it’s a complex process. But in the end – it`s worth the effort. The Meraki 217 design team chose and carefully created various designs, so the type of paper that you want to keep it for reuse. Or at least you don’t want to throw it right away. You can also find packaging paper  – a coloring sheet available for children and adult versions.