September started on Monday for us :)

18 September, 2019

Words of the song :). Because that’s how the fall started this year, on a Monday, even though it was September 2. For someone it was the first day of school but for us, those at Meraki217 – an autumnal season started with new team members and hundreds of ideas to implement. A beautiful event of this September was our participation in the fair Iarmareco2019. Here we met and socialized with a lot of good people who appreciated our activity and all the products presented, leaving us almost empty :). And because autumn is a season of fruit and gratitude, we thank all those who cross our shop daily, both in real and virtual regime! To all active followers on social networks! But especially to our loyal customers! Thank you for supporting and inspiring us!

Summer, I’ll catch you in my arms!

11 July, 2019

We’ve been waiting for the summer so much , its so hard to believe that half of it its gone. The good news is that we, here at Meraki217, managed to catch the summer and slow down the pace 🙂 Those who have not been able to taste cherries, strawberries or green peas are invited to Bucharest 33, where they have been preserved either on painted paper, eco bags or Art Puzzle bags that we are proud of. And if you are heading to a party, don’t forget to stop at our store, we have perfect wine bags for one or two bottles. Go to a party, go to us, we have perfect covers for one or two bottles of wine. For picnic lovers, we offer textiles with vivid prints, perfect as cross table or even tablecloths. Whoever is looking for the summer running, Meraki217 finds it!

Spring starts with you!

13 March, 2019
How did your spring start? And how long have you waited for? well, our Spring arrived bright 🙂 with martishori and good mood, given to all the beautiful people who stepped on our threshold. And what a spring without flowers and birds? The birds stopped by on our fabrics – furoshiki. The wrapping paper bloomed in the colors characteristic of a warm spring start. And where are the flowers, there are ladies and butterflies :). Art Bottlelli’s Spring smiles on our Art Puzzle Bag, Van Gogh’s iris enjoys its stay also, and of course we couldn`t miss the butterflies and daffodils by Andy Warhol. Meanwhile,  our eco bags urges to an ecological responsibility in the most artistic and fun way. Spring, welcome! We`ve missed you!

Products – Surprise your beloved person for Valentine’s Day

6 February, 2019

Some days left until February 14th. That’s why we invite you to Meraki to choose the right packaging for the gift you certainly you prepared to your loved one. At Meraki217 you will not find typical packaging, mainly on a special day like the Valentine’s Day. No matter what type of packaging you choose, either paper, fabrics, Art Puzzle bags, or canvas strings, you will surely be surprised by the proposed variety.

For paper, we have a great set of prints on the theme of the holiday. Fabrics for furoshiki style packaging are also waiting for the addressee. For them we have chosen characteristic prints and vibrant colors that take you to the spring.
The story of Art Puzzle bags is a very special one. Because the images on them will remind you of: the love movies you have surely watched for dozens of times; poets who knew how to sing love in their lyrics; famous couples like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, etc.

The eco bag from the canvas with typical messages or drawings will be a useful and stylish accessory anytime. And quotes or lyrics that are well-known for love, framed by us, are perfect to be offered as a gift to the beloved ones.


6 February, 2019

Here we are in February! Although there is still a little before 14, Meraki217 has already begun the feast. At Meraki, we will celebrate love every day of February. What is love? – a question that inspired us to create the concept of decoration and packaging for February. What is love? – Who has already learned the answer? Who’s still looking for it? At Meraki we will try to define love through music, film, color, image, contrast and inspiration 😊  Follow us on facebook and instagram where we will post all the surprises we have prepared in terms of special packaging and gifts for Valentine’s Day. We are waiting for you on 33 Bucharest Street, for a tea or coffee, so that we can meet each other and look for answers to what love means!

An interview with Victoria Druc, your host at Meraki 217

5 December, 2018

An interview with Victoria Druc, your host at Meraki 217

I have visited the shop on Str. Bucurest, No. 33 and discovered a small universe of presents, which Meraki 217 team created from scratch. Where does your inspiration come from?

We are inspired by everything that is beautiful and are motivated by the need to have an alternative to the basic shiny wrapping paper. We opened Meraki 217 on Bucurest Str., No. 33 and dedicated it exclusively to the joy of giving presents.

We started with an idea which gave us room to create and create until we were ready to open our little shop dedicated to gifts.  If you have a great idea and a passion to build it up, then you should be able to create something special, right? It was not easy but we would not have liked it any other way. We literally started with from a blank sheet of paper, on which we put together everything that inspires us: various fabrics, colorful prints, and materials that can be borrowed from nature. We set a clear objective – to come up with as many alternatives to the paper wrapping as possible. We decided to print our own wrapping paper with the prints painted by the local artists. You will be able to buy Meraki products soon in the city supermarkets.

We also borrowed the technique of wrapping gifts from the Japanese, learnt its basics and now we have a chance to package gifts into scarves and other kinds of fabric, using furoshiki method. Moreover, we went on to design canvas bags that can be reutilized in any household. We use branches from various trees, cotton, and dandelions to compliment the gift packages.

What specific methods of gift wrapping do you use?

We can wrap any kind of gift and we personalize the packaging to each individual client so as to tell their story.  For example, we used a purple scarf to wrap a client’s gift for her friend, since they both love the color purple. We selected two leaves, a bigger and a smaller one, when wrapping a gift for a future mum. We have a beautiful job, which we love.

We use furoshiki methods of wrapping any kind of gift into fabric.  We have textiles with various prints, some with winter themes, others with more exotic prints and all these fabrics can later be used either as scarves or depending on their size and type of fabric as napkins or table cloths.

We have designed our own canvas bags, hand-embroidered them, and included personal messages—they can be used to accommodate very different gifts.  Instead of plain paper bags, we created bags with images, which everybody would love to keep and frame at home. We also have decorations from natural products, and wrapping paper that can be used for coloring: more complicated prints for adults and easier prints for children.

So anybody can come in with their gift and the Meraki team will wrap it as beautifully as possible?

Exactly. The presents can be wrapped here and those who are a bit late for the party, can also put together a bouquet to accompany their gift. For those, who don`t want anything complicated, we can use wrapping paper with a delicate pattern and a personalized decorative element, like a flower or a dandelion. Everything depends of what the client wishes.

We believe in reusable packaging, which can be a gift by itself.  We guarantee that nobody will rush to throw away our gift package, even if it is just paper with penguin prints on it.

Speaking of the dandelion, which is Meraki 217 logo, why did you choose dandelion?

At Meraki 217, we are resolved to spread the joy all over, just the way the dandelion seeds fly. We have even picked and preserved some dandelions to be uses for decorating gifts.  As for the Meraki name—it comes from Greek and means everything that is done with soul, passion and dedication.

 What does giving presents mean to you?

 We give presents to people we love, but the joy is felt by both givers and receivers. The time we choose a gift and wrap it is as important as the actual gift. The story behind the gift, behind its packaging and how you chose it is a part of the whole experience of gift giving. You can buy something symbolic, but the person will be happy to get it just because you surprised them, offered them a chance to get something special.  On behalf of the Meraki 217 team, I’d like to wish everyone plenty of warm hugs when they give or receive presents.


The more creatively a gift is packaged, the higher the joy is of giving it and then opening it

1 December, 2018

Meraki 217 guarantees to transform any present into a piece of art. What is more,  Meraki 217 supports the idea of gift packaging that can be reutilized and is a gift in itself. That is why, our wrapping paper has prints painted by the local artists and wrapping paper that can be used as coloring pattern. Instead of the paper bags, Meraki 217 offers canvas bags, some with embroidered images, or special papers bags with images worth framing.

As a peculiar detail of packaging a gift, the artists at Meraki 217 can use fresh flowers or fruit. At the same time, they can put together bouquets matching the gift packaging of your choice.

The shop is open on Str. Bucuresti, No. 33, in the building with the yellow light—daily, 10:00-19:00. For more inspiration, please visit us on, Facebook: Meraki217 and Instagram: Merakimd217.