About Us


The more creatively a gift is packaged, the higher the joy is of giving it and then opening it! At Meraki 217, we believe that the way the gift is packaged or the story behind the gift can do more than the gift itself.Meraki 217 has opened its doors on Str. Bucuresti, No. 33, and it is dedicated entirely to the pure delight of gift giving. Here we sell the gift packaging that can be reutilized and is a gift in itself. We use furoshiki, the Japanese style of wrapping in textiles, canvas bags, or paper bags with images worth framing. We also have wrapping paper with various coloring patterns. The idea to open the shop came during winter holidays last year. After wrapping dozens of gifts into ordinary brightly colored paper, we decided to open a place specializing in various kinds of gift packaging—a concept store which is completely different from what we are used to in our city. At Meraki 217, the gifts can be both packaged or purchased. Here we spread the joy all over just the way a dandelion spreads its seeds.


Our mission is to promote the idea of reusable packaging for gifts and create packaging that can be a gift in itself. In this regard, we offer several types of packaging: furoshiki – the Japanese textile packaging, wrapping paper, as well as pattern coloring on fabric or paper bags that have images worth framing.


We would like to inspire and let the joy spead all over, just like the seeds of a dandelion. It`s all about dreaming and believing.